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Catherine told me about the fire. I supposed that I would hear about it sooner or later. Fuck, I can't sleep because those damn owls are screeching so loudly. I can hide anywhere. We should've made Rafik stay in school. Allan can't remember exactly what he was supposed to do. I woke up at eleven o'clock. Are you saying you don't like this?

If you are having temporary financial problems and it is the cause of your outstanding account, let us know about it. We'll take care of them. I wish I could've talked to Gunter. Your blouse goes beautifully with that skirt. Meeks needs your help to do it. I thought I'd made it clear that I didn't want to do that. I put my gloves on inside out by mistake.

I haven't written any new poems in a long time. Orville became pregnant at the age of 14. Dan vomitted in the car.

I wanted to see Ariel, too. Where do you go more often, Boston or Chicago? He is quite athletic. I've never been skiing. Our breath has sufficed only this far. Lex has to follow our rules.

One of the duties that come with age is that of making the most of time: the less time we have left, the more precious it should be. Housing is a right. Nordic combined is one of the winter sport events, a competition where you compete on the combination of two Nordic style ski events - cross country skiing and ski jumping. Let's wait on the porch. How did Dana manage to get away? There's only one answer I can give. It is just a prank! I was bored, so I wandered around town. With a weak beat, it continues to bleed.

We're a family and we love each other. I'm just as tired as you are. The industrious merchant worships his ancestors. Dennis is flying to Boston tomorrow.

It was tedious and boring. At Tatoeba you can also learn a lot about your own language. Tell me what this says.

He rolled down his window.

Teri said he had to be with his family on Christmas. I couldn't have said it better myself. The explosion was cause by a car accident. I don't want to be reminded. You need to have a lot of stamina to run a marathon, but even more for the training before the race.

Are you sure that's what you want? A frosty east-west relationship led to a sort of brinkmanship where both NATO and Russia flew military aircraft close to the other side's frontiers or even deliberately made brief incursions into the other side's airspace, either to test air defence capabilities or as part of a pattern of intimidation or coercion. I'm not planning to work on Monday. Dirk has trouble keeping up with the rest of his class.

Toby is really dangerous. He's worried about the result. Isidore and I live together. Spy satellites tracked the truck in real time.